Sports Activities

In addition to physical education and the opportunity to engage in physical activity during break times at school, students at Riwaka School have an opportunity to take part in a number of after school sports activities that are run by outside agencies. These opportunities are offered to all schools in the local area and students take part in competitions which emphasise fairplay, participation, improving skills and the experience of being part of a team.

The staff member in charge of after school sports activities is Krissy O’Donnell who coordinates putting together of teams, submitting of registrations and also the circulation of information around scheduled draws and deadlines for registrations and payments. We appreciate the payment of all fees to be made prior to taking the court or field. In instances of financial hardship, alternative arrangements can be made in confidence by speaking with the principal or office manager.

Students are required to wear a Riwaka School sports top for after school games which are available for purchase through the school office.

Riwaka School takes part in competitions for Touch Rugby, Netball, Miniball and Volleyball.

As part of the physical education curriculum, students take part in athletics, gymnastics, cross country, summer and winter sports, as well as a number of other opportunities for our Y5-8 students.

We also utilise in school opportunities for coaching in volleyball, cricket, touch rugby, miniball, golf, tennis and rugby league.

In the junior school, there is an emphasis on developing confidence and competency in fundamental movement skills. A Sports Coordinator is employed to support the teaching of the PMP (Perceptual Motor skills Programme) as well as aquatics for the junior school.

All students have the opportunity to develop their confidence and ability in aquatics as well as water safety over the summer months with at least three pool sessions timetabled per week.

Our students have a reputation for fairplay, giving 100% in physical activity and present as an active student body who make the most of opportunities presented.