Our Vision & AWHI Learner Attributes

School Vision

At Riwaka School, we want all students to develop a lifelong love of learning and have the skills to enable them to confidently and competently paddle their own waka.

Our goal is to develop the child’s full potential so that each is happy and confident in their abilities, are caring and tolerant towards others and are able to lead full lives in an ever changing global and technological world.

AWHI Learner Attributes

We care for each other and our environment, embrace and cherish – to help or support others. Learning is underpinned by the following attributes:

Ako – We Learn Together

How do we communicate with each other, how do we learn about and respect each other’s learning and learning styles, staying focussed on own  learning, supporting others and asking for support when needed, challenging our thinking (asking why), 

Whanaungatanga – We Belong

know and celebrate our place in our school community, how do we make people feel welcome, accepting and celebrating differences, awhi those around me, work as a team, build our community, we know who to go to or where to go if we need help

Hauora – Wellness of Life

I look after myself – physically, mentally, spiritually and socially, I recognise when I need help or support,

Integrity – I have Integrity 

Respect for ourselves, others, environment, belongings. Honesty, doing the right thing even when no one is watching, standing up for yourself and others for what is right, taking risks, learning from mistakes and trying again,

Principles underpinning Riwaka School’s approach to future-focused learning

We are committed to meeting our students current and future needs by:

We will seek to extend our existing best practice through innovation by;

We are committed to a partnership with our learning community through;

We will become a ‘research aware’ and ‘data-rich’ school by;

We will connect and collaborate with others at all levels through;

We ensure that learning is central to all our decisions through;